ecoYoga jute mats

ecoYoga mats - serving your practice

Manufactured in the UK since 2003. Inspired by a dearth in the global market for a functional, natural, mindful product; the intention is to serve and enhance your yoga practice. The ecoYoga jute mats unique design remains consistent and committed.


ecoYoga wholesale their rubber jute mats worldwide to studios and shops that integrate the awareness and integrity a yoga practice invites you to cultivate.


Gently and sincerely known across the global yoga community


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The Mats


  • 6mm Phoenix
  • 4mm "standard"
  • 2mm lighterweight
  • 6ft  7ft & 4ft length mats
  • 5 colours including ecoYoga's unique colourfree
  • Sustainable / plant-based materials
  • 100% natural rubber (contains latex)
  • No glues - No animal products - suitable for vegans
  • biodegradable
  • EXCELLENT  GRIP ... even with a sweat
  • machine washable (showering best:)
  • With Integrity
  • Practical
  • For beginners and experienced students alike
  • WORLDWIDE delivery

tread with grace and lightness


ecoYoga Ltd is a vehicle for transformation; deepening a belief that yoga encourages an earthly connection with the core of the body uniting it with the nuances of the mind.


Endeavour is service to the yoga community and to the environment.


Growth is in refining this practical & beautiful mat, maintaining sustainable materials with little compromise, to participate with you in the evolution of business.