ecoYoga jute mats

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2mm A great introduction to ecoYoga mats and ideal if you carry your mat around. A solid grounding & ecoYoga favourite.

4mm Provides enough support and cushioning whilst maintaining a firmness for good practice. This is the most common mat for practice.

6mm is firm with more cushion, more squish and bounce, than 4mm


i hold my stock at UK factory and supply to stockists 

though will often hold a small qty in-house, in Edinburgh  to sell through my website here. 

Currently in-house: a handful of 4mm and 6mm Phoenix

plus WABI-SABI mats: For a UK made natural yoga mat you won't get any better than these Summer BARGAINS

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6mm Phoenix Jute Mats

Wabi-Sabi mats

4mm ecoYoga Mats

2mm lightweight Mats

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