wabi-sabi (factory second) mats

wabi-sabi (factory second) mats

The much sought after

                      ecoYoga jute wabi-sabi mats

idiosyncratic & fabulous factory seconds

4mm 6ft  £ 26

4mm 7ft  £ 27

6mm 6ft £ 27.01  

2mm 6ft £ 15 .. .. .. only £ 15 !!

            + postage/shipping


Prices include UK  VAT  20%

If sending outside UK this tax will

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Manufacture specifications for the ecoYoga material are strict. The raw materials however can be wild and unpredictable, a consequence of being as natural as I can let them be.  Quality Control of the ecoYoga mats therefore requires an intense level of discretion.

If there is any doubt in processing, mats are quarantined, collated for my personal inspection.


: : The performance of the mat is not compromised : :


"Factory Second" is a term i use only to be universally understood.  For me these mats as the ones that have escaped monotony and epitomise how i run ecoYoga.

The concept wabi-sabi comes to my mind: the beauty and acceptance of imperfection and of the transient state .. .. .. a philosophy of living in the world from a different and, to my sense,  evolved perspective.

Wabi relates to simplicity: the movement toward having less, and to living with nature. Sabi is about transience and the beauty and authenticity of age and embracing imperfections.  Wabi-sabi welcomes the unexpected, it reorders priorities, pays attention to and honours the small wonders that surround us.  

There is no word in English to express how i relate to these mats. i use this Japanese term with utmost uttermost respect.


In regular factory production scenarios this material would be thrown out due to its lack of continuity. It is absolutely this lack of continuity that ecoYoga finds beauty and ultimately defines all of the ecoYoga mats : : with practical & aesthetic discretion applied of course.

The factory are bewildered i give so much time sorting through material but it makes no sense to unnecessarily waste anything .. .. .. Ever.


Characteristics may be : a loop or glitch in the hessian, a slight discolouration, slightly under spec in weight, excessive bloom, a few too many patches of exposed jute ... or perhaps a slightly squint or rough cut or a squished edge. Every mat will differ from the other.

When possible i will fix issues but will still sell as factory second. You may not notice anything awry or indeed very much like something with character.

If you are concerned what your mat may be you can call and ask what available.


2mm is a great introduction to ecoYoga mats and ideal if you carry your mat around. A solid grounding.

4mm provides enough support and cushioning whilst maintaining a firmness for good practice. This is the most common mat for practice.

6mm is firm with more cushion, more squish, than 4mm. 

NoteBene: these are new & unused mats.

They are not second hand, pre-owned, "pre-loved" etc.  et cetera

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: : Mixed boxes available from stock listed below. Email interest or sign up for Trade account: :

Description PriceQty
2mm wabi-sabi Lightweight Grey


2mm wabi-sabi Lightweight Colourfree

currently unavailable



2mm wabi-sabi Lightweight Green


4mm wabi-sabi Green
6ft length


4mm wabi-sabi Colourfree
6ft length
available by the box (9 mats) only for now

: :



4mm wabi-sabi Grey
6ft length


4mm wabi-sabi Coral Red
6ft length


4mm wabi-sabi Dark Lavender 


4mm wabi-sabi Extra Long XL 214cm Colourfree
7ft length

: : out of stock



6mm Wabi-Sabi Phoenix Green

: : currently unavailable



6mm wabi-sabi XL Phoenix 7ft
214cm / 7ft

currently unavailable