ecoYoga: 13 years in a v. brief nutshell

1st January 2016

Edinburgh 1997: The Yoga Centre on the Meadows, with it three beautiful studios, was a building that also housed the library for The Centre for Human Ecology (CHE: now in Glasgow). This proximity serendipitously brought together a few like-minded people all practising yoga ... Nick, owner of the centre, Bob, a CHE student and Seona, working painting dancing practicing.

In the yoga studios they witnessed the increasing turnover of students. Whilst wonderful to see so many begin a practice the dark side was impossible to ignore: the pile up of smelly plastic mats year on year destined for landfill !! A plastic yoga mat was (and still is) a paradox. Finding no alternative at that time, NIck & Seona began the research.

ecoYoga was realised out of necessity. . . . If Yoga holds the potential to transform our body-mind landscape, it would be crazy NOT to think of the health of our Earth

2003: After a couple of years of trials, tribulations and travels the ecoYoga Jute mats were introduced with their fantastic grip, beautiful aesthetic and environmentally neutral ingredients.

2005: Nick closed his Edinburgh Yoga Centre in order to evolve into the hydro-powered Ecoyoga Centre in Argyll on the West coast of Scotland. The Centre now offers Yoga classes and workshops, hot-tubs, freshwater plunge tubs, a grass-roofed sauna, wild river hot baths, vistas, accomodation and self-catering retreats. Bob runs the Earth Connections of the Isle of Eigg.

2016: Seona has kept ecoYoga mats going... still Edinburgh based and still persevering. Manufacture is a constant challenge. Seona believes that the ecoYoga jute mats, like any good practice, maintain a subtle and powerful presence. No compromise in integrity the mats are still 100% natural rubber and jute, and still made in the UK (despite the UK being in utter chaos!!)

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