21st April : : i have a small production run of 4mm Green, Grey and Colourfree arriving to me next week to be cut, quality controlled and packed.  The majority will despatch to stockists but thereafter, from May 4th,  i will have a handful available via this here very website;  or for collection if you live in the 'Burgh.

The possibilty of a wabi-sabi / factory seconds in this delivery ... 


4th April : : Right now I am trying to fulfill stockists orders before holding any more in-house mats.  If stockist out of stock please bear with them:  Some orders will despatch next week and some towards end of April.


Though i have plenty material made waiting to be cut and packed, the despatch warehouse suddenly announced closure until May 1st giving me no time to create an efficient contingency plan.  Everything is now running slowly and with limitations.


I have turned up the volume on my lateral thinking; something the factory are now used to and embrace (not physically of course).  Where there's a creative Will there's a creative Way 

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