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I’ve just received my second Ecoyoga mat.  I bought my first around 20 years ago (sometime between 2004 and 2007).  It was a big deal for me.  I had to save up for the first and I bought a Wabi-Sabi one.  My second one (exactly the same - white, long) has just arrived and the first, after long use, will go back to the earth.
I’m writing to thank you for supporting my yoga practice for so long.  Often I’d get up from the mat snowed with flecks of rubber but I’ve never minded, knowing that I was basing my practice on something natural, congruent with my yoga philosophy.  It was a huge search to find the right mat two decades ago.  This time I’m glad that there is much more choice and I’m glad to come back to you.
If it’s another 20 years before I need to order a new mat, I’ll be in my 70s!  However long it is until I need to replace it, if I’m lucky enough to still be around and still practicing, you will be my first stop.  
Thank you for being a pioneer.
Anne - January 2024

Simply the best
Your mats are past wonderful and the care you've shown me is the only thing better
Mike Turner - Mississippi USA January 2024
... an update after a couple of months of enjoyable practice. The mat is superb—hard to understand why everyone doesn’t use the ecoYoga mat ! Many thanks again.
Mark -USA/Germany June2023

The Original Eco Yoga mat (84") is by far the best mat I have ever used and unfortunately due to wear and tear I need a new one after over 3 years.   They (Barefoot Yoga in the US) have told me that they are out of stock and I would like to try my best to get another one of the same. Pranam

Gangesh - Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher  USA Oct2020

I just received my mat, and I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE IT. It's great quality, wonderfully sticky, and (also pretty important) absolutely beautiful
Ariane -The Netherlands Sep2020-
  Just wanted to reach out to say THANK YOU for a great product and service. I was touched with the personal postcard and mat bag I received with my last order. (I have the 4mm extra long and the 2mm lightweight / live in the US so ordered through your ecoYoga Canada site).
I struggle with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and finding a mat that didn't make me slip and slide everywhere was a real obstacle in my journey to finding yoga. The mats you sell have been the only mat I've been able to find that lets me practice yoga despite my sweaty hands and feet. Life changing!
I am a very satisfied customer and always recommend ecoYoga to anyone who has trouble with slipping during practice
Maggie - USA Sep2020-
  Early April, I bought the ecoYoga extra long mat from the Yoga Studio website. At first, I was extremely happy with the quality and the feel of the mat. It was not slippy at all and it was very good for doing yoga.   After several weeks however, I started to notice little bits of the mat coming off. I did not really mind it very much since it was very occasional and I thought it would stay that way.  Unfortunately, I no longer enjoy doing yoga on this mat because my clothes and my skin keep on collecting more and more of these little bits. On some clothes, they are quite hard to get rid of, even after a wash. 
I practice yoga 2 - 4 times a week and I am therefore quite disappointed that the mat quality has already started to deteriorate after 4 months of use. It is a shame that I already have to find a new mat as this one was just perfect at first.
Marine -August 2020-

Thank you for your fast response. I'll just wait for your mats to become available in the USA again. 

I'm not concerned about the 18 months wear, as long as the mats stay at a reasonable price because I practice 6 days at home, plus 3-4 days a week in the studio so it's reasonable for it to wear. 
Keep up the Great work I love the natural feel.
ChuckS -USA - Feb 2020

I already loved the regular-thickness ecoYoga mat, but this extra-thick mat is a dream! Seriously the nicest yoga experience I have ever had. Thank you so much.

Rose - Brooklyn NY- 2020



I bought a factory second natural colour Ecoyoga mat as my first ever yoga mat after a year of going to classes. I received so many compliments from my class mates as well as my yoga teacher. It’s such a lovely mat and the fact that it’s natural and created with sustainable materials always makes me feel great about this purchase. I always look forward to rolling it out for a yoga practice, and love the feeling of jute beneath my feet. Overall, I’m really in love with the mat.

Reem - Middlesex - 2020



I got one of the extra long, 6mm mats about 2 months ago after only 5 sessions with Sutesh of SimpliYoga, based around Perth (the cold one). For any exercise regime, never mind just yoga, this must be the best ever mat, and probably for  camping too. It is luxurious, and as I need every encouragement to keep at the yoga this is an important feature. It is also made of sustainable materials in the UK. How could anyone not save up and buy one as an alternative to any of the plastics available? It costs less than a tank of fossil fuel! We have to look after ourselves, but there's no point in that if we don't look after our planet too. And buying from Seona is a pleasure. Keep it up, Ecoyoga!

 Pol, near Perth Dec2018



I have one of the 6mm mats and it’s perfect. It’s doesn’t take any wearing in like other mats, it’s grippy straight away as well as being the most luxuriously squishy mat I’ve every used. I would completely recommend this one.

Isabelle Howells Oct2018



The Eco mats are wonderful and have stayed with us at our studio since 2006- we have had great use of them for the past 10 years now. They are a firm favourite with our regular students and our Yoga teachers. We would highly recommend them and supporting Seona too! A brilliant product made by amazing people
Jasmin Bahia Yoga UK - December 2016

We have been using ecoYoga Jute mats in our London yoga studio since we opened 11 years ago.
We just love them as they are very durable and we also love the fact they are produced in UK
Yoga in Daily Life Association UK - February 2016

I've been loving my mat for the last 6 months. It's a million times better than any mat I have had in the past. So much so that I want to order another one. I'm now keeping my mat at the shala and want one for at home....I really do love the mat. I'd struggle to go back to what I was using before now. It makes me happy that they are bio-degradable . You guys are doing a great job!
Tom - London January 2016

YogawithPaul celebrating Bikram and the body in motion - April 2014 Review:

We were in contact a little while ago about getting hold of one of your mats. I tracked one down, and I just wanted to say it is genuinely the best mat I have ever practiced on. I'm a yoga teacher, and so am given a LOT of mats to try out, and yours is about the only one which withstood the end of practice full wheel test (!) - any mat that is eco friendly, and can allow a full urdhva dhanurasana without hands slipping out from under you at the end of a sweaty class gets full marks from me!!
Hannah Whittingham Yoga - July 2014

I keep every year buying the Eco Yoga, after all these years, i keep loving them:)
Ashtanga Cascais - Portugal - June 2013


Thank you for sending the mat so quickly (...) it's perfect. I already have one of your 4mm mats, which I really love using, and I can see this new one being great for when I travel or go to workshops as it's nice and light
Michelle - Portugal - April 2013


A new yogi acquaintance inquired about my beautiful, roughly 10-years-old EcoYoga mat after a class today. This happens almost every time I take it to a class. And every time, I gush about how much I love my mat, how it's still in great shape after so many years, how comfy it is, how when (if?) it finally gives out I'll be able to cut it up and compost it, and so on. So, after looking up your website today to refer the aforementioned new acquaintance to it, I thought I ought to pass some of the love back to you. Thank you for producing these fabulous mats! I consider mine to be one of the best investments I've ever made, and it makes me happy every time I unroll it to practice.
All the best to you in 2013!
Laurel - Kimberley BC, Canada 2012

Thankyou very much for your patience in dealing with my requests. I just want to say that I really enjoy using your mats. There is something very right about them that is in complete harmony with the practice of yoga . . . I look forward to many years using them
Mike - Pembrokeshire 2011

I use ( and have done for 3 years) the Eco mat & love it :)
Brenda - Ennis Yoga Studio Co Clare 2011


Just wanted to write and tell you what a difference your mat made to my practice. For years I was using a regular mat which I always slipped on and never got full grip, when I found this mat over in Galway it was brilliant. I have had my mat now for about three years there are wear marks where my feet are ;) so it may be time for a new mat but am loathe to give it up a lot of unyogic attachment to my mat :)))). I am a hatha yoga teacher and am presently doing my iyengar certification. I tell all my students about the Eco mat, so thanks a million and keep up the good work
Aileen - Lake Distrct November 2010


I have one of your 4mm eco mats and just love it, don't care that it has dandruff, its a Fair Dinkum non slip yoga mat that still smells a good natural scent after months of use in humid sweaty Mysore and Balinese climates (at least to me it does), as against the thicker synthetic cushy options you can clearly smell when they line up alongside you. Bad news!
Mark Robinson - Australia May 2010


Hi EcoYoga – I’m a Yoga teacher and have been using the Jute 4mm Extra Long product for 3 years – they are excellent!
Russell Jackson - West Yorkshire UK March 2010 

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the 2mm mat you sent me several weeks ago. It's been nothing but joy to practice on it. I took it to the Purple Valley retreat in Goa for two weeks and it was great to take something half the weight of a 4mm mat, but no problems with flaking latex whatsoever. I now use it once a week when I practice away from home.
The biggest surprise was that the mat (or its latex) smelled of biscuits when I started using it! So don't change it :-)
I'm very glad I bought it, even though this brings my & my husband's EcoMat collection to 4!
Doris - Droitwich UK, February 2010

I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful product. The Original Eco Yoga Mat is just superb, and it's clear that many many people think so as well, as it is by far the most popular mat we sell.  
Barefootyoga USA customer services- October 2008


 4mm is a bit thin and doesn't give much padding for poses involving kneeling. Some such poses I can't really do with this mat. However the mat is far more grippy than a plastic one and the jute absorbs sweat and takes it away from my hands and feet, so I don't slip as much. The colour free mat looks so nice that we leave it out as a living room rug when its not in use..
Simon, London- May 2008


First of all, I want to commend you on a great eco-friendly product.  I love my jute mat, recommend them to everyone, and get asked about it frequently.  I recently went traveling without it, and one of the first things I did when I got back was hug my mat - it was one of two tangible things I missed, the other one being my garden.
Tal- June 2008

Received the new mat thanks and giving it a good workout. I like the new mat – the latex bottom seems more robust but that may be anecdotal. The top is a bit softer (less abrasive) than the natural when I first had it – seems to give good grip tho even when a bit sweaty. It holds water/sweat a fair bit and takes a while to dry but that is not a problem.
Neil, Australia - June 2007

A real innovation. In particular I like the hard wearing but grippy surface of the Jute mat. It is quite thin and provides excellent grounding to the earth. The texture and strength of the mat really support my feet during balancing postures. And gives a firm foundation for jump throughs in the Astanga Yoga practice.
But most of all I love the fact that I am no longer sitting on an old plastic PVC mat and am now using a Yoga mat that was grown on a tree !
Mark Young, yoga teacher, Edinburgh


Hi, I recently purchased a 4 mm Jute mat on-line February 2004.
I am now contacting you to say that having used it on a weekly basis for my yoga practise I can tell you that this is the best thing I have used. The mat provides a firm foundation on which to work and I haven't got the problem of slipping and sliding all over the place, even when I get hot and sweaty! In fact, I get a feeling of being fully grounded and anchored to the earth. I have stopped using my old purple, synthetic thing of a mat and don't intend using again either.
Well done and thank you for providing a natural and enviro friendly product. I am sure I will get many years' use out of it.
I would highly recommend your product - in fact my yoga teacher did make comment and he always has a look when I roll it out. Unfortunately he's into the tacky purple things. I shall have to point him in your direction!
Thank you once again and keep me posted about any new products.
Jennifer Daniel-Jackson


I absolutely love your mats, I'm on my fourth one. I'm opening a yoga studio in NYC in the beginning of June, and I would be honored to have your mats in my studio. They truly saved my life - as a sweaty person your mats are the only ones that allow me to practice yoga in a comfortable way, and I'd like to share that experience with the students who come to my studio. 

IG: @everyoneyoganyc

Magdalene Malesytcki - NY NY May 2023


It’s by far the best mat we have ever practiced on/come across and the fact that it is Eco is a big win. For this reason we offer it to our customers worldwide through our online store and at the events we attend.

We still use our first ecoYoga mats (maybe they are 6 years old now ?

Complete Unity Yoga January 2020

I've used these for the last 12 years and even though I have to replace them every 2 years as they start falling apart, I still prefer them to every other mat on the market.

Lindsey - UK Feb2018

I purchased my yoga mat in Feb. I love my mat, it is amazing. However, unfortunately it really worn very quickly. I've debated getting in touch as I am very mindful you are a small company, but the jute is starting to unravel now. I do take very good care of it. I use water and a cloth to clean it, I do use it daily for an hour's practice but that's it. But I'm a little worried that after only 6 months

Frances -UK Aug2020-


I'm extremely pleased with the travel mat I purchased this week. I was looking for a mat that was very light but still effective to take on holiday. The EcoYoga travel mat is that and so much more!
I'm not usually one to wax lyrical in this way. But it really is a thing of beauty. I'm sure it will complement and enhance my practice.
Thanks for taking the time to engineer such a wonderful mat.

Namaste, Maxine - September 2016

 ... it's become an invaluable part of my journey... I've only had one other mat since 1997 and also practice without one. Your mat is the first one since that I have welcomed into my life
Sharmila USA/India - February 2016 

I have one of the original ecoYoga jute mats, it is 10 years old and going strong, but hot power yoga is starting to take its toll. It is the only mat I have used that can handle a hot yoga class and retain ultimate grip, and I am not frugal when it comes to perspiration
Ian - USA - June 2014

I'm a great fan of ecoyoga mats and have been using them for quite a few years already! It's great that you offer them on your website now as I've been ordering them from around the world before....:) Looking forward to getting them!
Agnieszka - Poland - May 2014

I just wanted to let you know that my first ecoyoga mat has come to the end of its life with me after 10 years of 2-4 classes every week- it is now being recycled. I have just bought my second mat and again delighted with it.
I tell anyone who asks about it and would not buy any other mat.
Thank you
Alison - March 2013

I have been practising yoga for years and this is the best mat by far. It is never slippery (I sweat a lot) and has the perfect thickness. I recommend this mat to all my fellow yogis
Luca - London March 2013

After 5-6 years my mat is still very useable... in fact I've brought it to work with me as a spare to use during the day! Am glad to hear you've stuck with a UK factory, rather than outsourcing to what I assume would be a cheaper Chinese option :) Good luck with your business, and keep persisting! You've given the yoga world, and the earth, a great product :)
Belinda Christie- Perth Australia August 2012

I have had the mat for many years and it has lasted really well, and it's the only one i dont slip on, cant imagine doing yoga on anything else now
Maxine James - Fuerteventura August 2011

I'm sorry to say that I spent my money on a ecoYoga Jute mat cirka one year ago.
The rubber on the woven side is shedding, practically CRUMBLING on the floor in my yoga studio up to the point where it becomes embarrasing! The rubber sticks to my clothes all over – it doesn't look good and it is disturbing to me during my practice(...) I love the thought behind your products why I bought this mat in the first place, and the mat certainly is non-slip which is one of my main criteria. In addition, you should know that I have treated the mat according to your suggestions, however, it is still crum-be-ling.
Christina Prahl- Denmark 2012

My current mat is about 7 yrs old and i can't work out if it might have been 4mm once upon a time, because it's about 3mm in the thickest
region . . . I'm totally in love with the Eco mat and don't want to buy anything else . . .
Katherine - Australia June 2010

Once you use an ecoyoga mat you can't go back :)
Rachel - Alicante May 2010

You will be pleased to know that I have tried so many other so called Eco yoga mats within my classes and sold those mats to my students but none compare to your mats – they are truly the best !!!!
Emma - Jersey April 2010

Please please please!!! tell me where I can get your 4mm Ecomat in Australia or where to order. My current ecomat is shedding on me each time I practise! But having tried other mats they are just so second rate after using your superb mats
Bev - Sydney Australia 2011

I am so happy with my new mat, it is beautiful, smells good, super traction, perfect thickness, and so good to our environment!
Jen- Seattle 8th June 2005

dear people ... my mat (cinnamon, brown,travel type) is shedding so much latex as to be unusable now. The jute is still strong and intact. I estimate the mat has suffered 700 to 900 hours use, not including seated meditation practice. It has been rolled, folded and stuffed into motorcycle panniers every day, soaked several times and left on the bus once, and all this in about 18 months ish. I would recommend this type of mat to anyone...have you any more please???
Suzanne-Zanner Yoga, Hampshire, UK
IMC waterlily_icon.jpg {WIDTH: 55}--
I recently purchased a Eco Yoga mat from your website during your sale and after a month of nearly daily use I would like to express my delight in this mat.
I have only been practising yoga for 8 months or so, so I am by no means an expert on all things yoga, but having used different types of mats in yoga classes & also in my own personal practice at home during this time, I can now say that I have found the perfect mat.
I have a 4mm thick Jute Mat in Red and I love the combination of the rubber & the jute on the top side. Practising on a 100% natural mat makes me feel like I have a connection with the earth, grounding my practice. I often found with previous mats that my hands or feet would slip in different poses, but the jute surface on my new mat ensures I can hold the pose with confidence, no worries about sliding.
I use my mat on both carpet at home & a wooden floor during my weekly class. I have found it to be more sturdy on the wooden floor than my previous 'sticky' mat that had a tendency to move when jumping legs apart for standing poses.
The mat caused quite a stir at my weekly class and definitely stands out from all the traditional yoga mats.
Kind Regards
Lynette Lawrence, Iyengar Yoga Student

I have to say, it's fantastic. Really, I've never seen a natural yoga mat that is so similar to the toxic ones we're all accustomed too. You can bet that we'll be pointing people in your direction. Actually, my partner Lisa said "Oh I'm going to do so many advertisements to people!"
Thanks for the help and thanks for a great product.
Ryan Harlin

I have been using my new mat for a week now and frankly it's superb, it scores over PVC mats in so many areas. The nature of the grip, stronger in comparison to a standard mat but not in the least sticky, means that I'm actually finding certain asanas easier and in general a better and more controlled practise. This isn't something I was expecting and I'm more than happy.
Daniel Storm- June 2005

The mat is brilliant, and I will recommend it to friends.
Fiona Carville


hello, I just received your mat today and wanted to say how much I like it. I actually like the smell, and it feels great against the skin- much nicer than my PVC mat. So congratulations on the first round of this product and I will certainly purchase another one when this wears out.
Best wishes
Rochelle, Manchester